Today is Gorman’s Birthday

Gorman turned 68 today!

We have been at our condo at Orange Beach for the last five days, just relaxing and enjoying somewhat cooler weather.

Gorman continues to feel good most of the time, except for an occasional day when he hits a slump.  Then he’s tired, maybe a headache, slight nausea, as if he’s taking Temodar.  But then it goes away.  That’s the physical part.  Emotionally, we struggle some but we pray, a lot!  It’s amazing how much that helps.

This is just a quick update.  We’re heading to UAB tomorrow……….

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday…and good luck on your visit to UAB tomorrow…Keep up the postings!!!

  3. Donna Henderson

    Happy Happy Birthday Gorman!!! Hope that you get treated extra special tomorrow at UAB because you are so special!
    God is so good and I am so happy for you that you have mostly good days AND that you have a loving and caring wife of many years!!
    Have a great day!!

  4. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    Happy Birthday, Gorman!!
    We wish you the best birthday ever!
    Come to see us if you ever get to
    Ralph and Mary Douglas

  5. Happy Birthday Gorman!!

  6. Thought about Gorman’s birthday yesterday and failed to do anything about it! Hope he has had a good day. Next year let’s celebrate our two birthdays together. Your package to me is waiting to be opened tomorrow! Happy Birthday to Gorman and many deep prayers follow you to UAB.
    Love and prayers.

  7. Well…we’d like to wish him a very Happy Birthday! Hope you both have enjoyed this day and the beautiful weather it has brought! You all are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love to you both.

    Sally & Terry

  8. Happy, Happy birthday Gorman!!!! So glad u got to spend it at the beach!
    You r truly an inspiration to us and we love u!

  9. Happy birthday! Safe travels tomorrow!

  10. Happy birthday Gorman! So glad you both got some R &R at the beach. Love and Prayers, Gayla

  11. Happy birthday Gorman!!! I continue to pray for you and your family!

  12. Richard Riggins

    Happy Birthday Gorman. Paula and I continue to join you and Beverly in prayer.
    Can you believe the Nashville guys have me meeting with the mayor of Hendersonville today. Some things never change,

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Good News in
    BIrmingham will be the best present
    ever!! We are praying for just that! We
    continue to think about you both!! Take
    Care!! Jimmy & Karen

  14. Patty and Clay Havard

    Happy Birthday Gorman! Have a safe trip to UAB tomorrow. May God go with you.

  15. Happy Birthday! 68 is a very good number! Our prayers are with you today, on the trip tomorrow and all the time! Betsy

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