Staying Busy

Gorman and I are trying to act like normal people.  We had our supper club at our home last Friday night and had so much fun.

We are leaving for UAB in a few minutes.  This will be a quick and easy visit; just blood tests and a physical, chat with the Research Nurse and then we should be headed back to Fairhope by noon tomorrow.

On Friday we are going to New Orleans for the weekend.  Gorman’s old high school buddies have a reunion every few years in NO, planned around the Ole Miss-Tulane game.  He’s looking forward to this.

Well, we are pressing ahead with arranging our Maine trip in October.  I’ve made all the reservations.  I tried to get trip insurance but guess what: cancer is a pre-existing condition and they won’t cover it so what the heck.  We’re just making our plans.

Every day I pray and ask God to please give us at least a few more good years together.  Sometimes I think I can almost hear God saying to me, “I gave you today.  Are you going to waste it with fear and worry?”  Then my outlook improves.

We realized a while back that both Gorman’s hearing and vision have gone down, affected by either the surgery or the radiation?  Who knows.  So he got new glasses, which didn’t help much.  As a part of the clinical trial, he sees the UAB opthalmologist every other month.  This doctor gave him a new prescription and he now has new glasses that are a huge improvement.  This is just a little quality of life thing that has given him quite a lift.  It’s nice to be able to see!

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  1. We are so looking forward to seeing ya’ll this weekend!!!~~~~ I am with ya’ll in leaving FEAR behind and replacing it with FAITH !!! Love ya’ll, MEL and TOMMY

  2. Bet the glasses are a great improvement. Enjoy Maine for us; I’ve always wanted to visit there but we have family in New Hampshire and in Massachusettes so we never seem to get further. We do think of you both and you are absolutely right that life is lived one day at a time; no other way. So wasting the here and now does not benefit anyone. Have a great weekend and trip. We are going to Italy next month which we both love so much. Bob and Susan

  3. I always enjoy reading your updates, your spirit and faith are inspiring, we continue to pray. Maine is where I’m from and there is no better time to visit than in October, enjoy your trip!!
    -The Bailen Family

  4. That little statement you think you hear God say should be done in needlework and hung in the home of every Christian. Which of us does not worry and cause the day we are in to go a little flat. I don’t think I’ve heard this thought better stated in my life!
    We are also gong to N.O. tomorrow and will return Sunday. So if you see Graham and me, come over so we can give you a big hug. (I am, of course, assuming that we haven’t aged any more than you two and therefore, we’d be quite recognizable!). I will have my little Chinese parasol that Mo sent me from San Fran (as the temp will be in the 80s), so you can be on the lookout for that. Fortunately, there are so many strange things to see in N.O. that a Chinese parasol won’t look out of place at all.

  5. Thanks for helping us realize we all need to live one day at a time and be glad in it. I am so glad that you two are getting to do some of the things you’ve most likely put off doing for a long time. Our prayers are still going up and asking for complete healing. We serve the Great Physican. He is made strong in our weakness. Happy belated anniversary.Take care and enjoy Maine.

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