Another Round of Temodar

Gorman finished his fifth dose of Temodar today and is doing okay; not great but okay.  It’s just the usual symptoms: fatigue, queasy stomach and no appetite.  He keeps saying it could be worse and he tries not to give in but he’s dozing on the sofa right now, which is just what he should be doing.

Well, it’s been a while since my last post; we’ve been busy and that’s been nice.  We had a lovely time in Highlands.  The weather was cool enough to build a fire several nights and we loved that.  We ate at some good restaurants, shopped a lot (speaking for myself) and just enjoyed being in a cooler climate.  We laughed about having to wear sweaters to sit outside in the mornings; delightful!  We spent a fun evening with some old friends from Jackson who live in Highlands half the year.  Gorman got to fish and really enjoyed that.

Hurricane Isaac was stirring up the Gulf Coast while we were in Highlands.  We talked about coming home early but decided there was nothing we could do and we actually stayed an extra day to avoid all the heavy rains.

We have been planning an October trip to Maine, Gorman’s favorite place.  Now we realize that his next MRI is October 3, the week before our trip.  What if it’s a bad one?  Certainly we wouldn’t want to be heading off on a trip if that happened.  What if the doctor called for more radiation or maybe another surgery?  What if he thought something needed to be done immediately without delay?  As you can see, I can “what if”  myself endlessly but this is our life now.  We can’t really plan very far ahead.  We life from MRI to MRI and from chemo treatment to chemo treatment.  The chemo we can work around but the MRI every two months always brings such anxiety and, yes, fear.  Our faith keeps us living and enjoying each day and we really try not to think too much about the future but that MRI shoves it in our faces.  It so helps Gorman to have something like a trip to look forward to so I guess we’ll just keep on trucking and counting on the best.

Despite the heavy doses of chemo each month, Gorman’s hair has grown back and now covers his scar so he doesn’t feel self-conscious anymore.  Most people don’t even know he’s sick and he likes that.  I read that someone said that his cancer was the least interesting thing about him.  Gorman could have made that same statement.


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  1. As always I give great thanks for good reports and deep prayers for tests yet to come.
    Of course there is grief tonight that I won’t be joining Gayla, Gloria and you in Fairhope tomorrow. My heart will be there and I’ll look forward to visiting when my hip heals.

    Love and prayers, precious friends.

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us up with the reports on Gorman and you. Prayers go up and Goodness comes down. The trip to Maine sounds like a great idea. I sincerely hope that you will be able to go and have a fantastic time. Love to you both, Carol Ann

  3. Definitely go to Maine! Cancer sucks and it should not be allowed to make you change a trip to a favorite destination at the most beautiful time of year. Your faith will take you there!!

  4. Sally & Terry Breitung

    God bless you both ! I can’t imagine your journey,but ,we will pray for you and your family every day. Great and wonderful things happen when God is your pilot!

  5. Great to hear from you both and just refuse to play “what if”. Its a fruitless game. Plan for Maine and the lobster. You better get reservations now ’cause that the “colors” time! If you cancel, there will be people ready for your rooms! LOL. Do you see whales that time of year or have they already passed? Thanks for the postings and we will continue to think of you.

  6. Love and hope to you both

  7. Sounds like you are helping keep an even keel and that Gorman is benefitting.

  8. I enjoy getting your updates and have really enjoyed reading the comments that your friends leave for you. What a great set of friends to have! And on a similar subject, cancer may be Gorman’s least interesting thing about him but surely his wife is the most interesting!!! So good friends, a great wife. Gorman is one of the blessed ones! (and, parenthetically, you get such an uplift from Gorman’s faith, I guess you’re pretty blessed, too).

  9. Patty and Clay Havard

    God bless you both. You have such stamina and resilience — we know that God is hovering over you as you make this journey. Our prayers are with you.

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