Surgery Was Six Months Ago Today

Here’s a milestone:  Gorman’s surgery was six months ago today.  If someone had told me that we would still be standing today, having a nice normal day, we never would have believed it.  But God has given us the strength for each day.  Gorman and I so relate to that AA slogan, “One day at a time”.  It’s the only way I have been able to cope, reminding myself that God does not give us strength for next month or next year, just for today.  I read somewhere that a reporter asked the author, Joan Didion if it was true that she used the good silver everyday and she replied, “Everyday is the only day we have”.  I like that.

Last Sunday was Gorman’s fifth and last day of the chemo and that afternoon, it began to take it’s toll.  He felt awful through Tuesday and then turned the corner.  Today he is cooking; actually he’s been in the kitchen all afternoon, just so happy.

Several folks from out of town have stopped by to see us on their way to the beach.  My dear friend from Jackson came last Thursday and spent a couple of days with us and that was fun.

Tomorrow we head to Birmingham to spend one night and have a short appointment at UAB.

For everyone’s prayer list, please:  Gorman’s next MRI is August 8.  Please, dear God, give us another clear one.

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  1. So glad to hear such a positive report. Will keep praying and looking forward to good results on this trip also. Chris

  2. For 41/2 years I have said the serenity prayer with the addition of”just for today” every time !!! It has worked so far love y’all

  3. Hi Guys~ I love Adam’s prayer!!! None of us knows what tomorrow will bring so thanking God for Today works for me also. Ya’ll remain in our daily prayers and so happy Gorman is back in the kitchen cooking. Now if I could just encourage Tommy to get in the kitchen and cook with me, I would love that!!! Just not his thing I am afraid. Maybe if I could find a stove in the shape of a computer with a keyboard, he might consider it!! HA!
    Ya’ll keep your wonderful attitudes and know we all are keeping ours for you!!! God Bless!!!
    MEL and TOMMY

  4. Your gratitude for a “normal day” really hit home because it’s so easy to take a normal day for granted. I’m always so thankful to hear when you and Gorman are having a normal day.

  5. Giving thanks to God for answering our knee-mail. Your news is so positive and upbeat, I think that is a really important part of this journey. Blessings, Elaine

  6. August 8!! No problem!! My birthday wish (when I blow out my 49 candles!!) will be for
    Gorman to have a good clear MRI report!! BUT
    even better will also be PRAYING for another
    clear report!! Take Care!! Karen

  7. Nell Browning-Allen

    Hi, Gorman & Beverly, Phillip would have wanted me to keep in touch. He thought very highly of you Gorman, He said if Steven, our son,
    needed any advice that he felt Gorman would be a good person. I hope the MRi goes well. You are in my prayers. Nell Browning Allen

  8. Just a few days from the MRI now. This might be an anxious time but who knows.. you may be on the threshold of something great! I pray that God will provide you with strength and peace.

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