Just An Update

Thank heavens we are home until July 24.  Next week Gorman can go to Lab Corp for blood work, in lieu of a trip to Birmingham.  Our last two visits to UAB were fine, just long.  With the research nurse’s approval, Gorman had stopped taking his blood pressure meds a few weeks ago because it had been so low ever since the surgery in January; however, it began to spike at the end of a long day at UAB.  Everyone got very anxious and didn’t want him to leave the hospital.  He was so ready to leave and I could just watch his blood pressure rising the longer he had to stay. Of course, his pills were back home so they got one of the doctors to call in prescriptions to the UAB pharmacy.  I ran and picked those up, he took them and we left with blood pressure still pretty high but trusting it would go down.  Sure enough, the next morning it was back to normal.

  There are two things about this clinical trial that Gorman doesn’t like.  He has to get an eye exam every other month, complete with dilated eyes and we always have to wait a long time before he sees the doctor.  Next, he gets an MRI every other month.  Aside from the anxiety involved, trying not to worry if it will be clear, he finds it very uncomfortable to be confined that long and it’s noisy.  There’s that word “long” again.  And a third thing is that he can have nothing to eat or drink before any of his appointments and that continues for four to five hours, while they continue to draw blood and do EKGs.  Okay, now I’m finished complaining.  It’s really not too bad.  They do everything possible to keep him comfortable; everyone is so nice and pleasant.  He just covers up with his St. James prayer quilt and that seems to bring some calm.  We are grateful for this XL765, the trial drug, that gives us another layer of hope.

The inn in north Georgia, Barnsley Gardens Resort, was lovely.  It is in the middle of nowhere, somewhat near Rome, GA in a beautiful setting in the foothills.  Sorry to report that the weather was definitely not cool but we still had fun.  We found a sweet little Episcopal church about 30 minutes away and went there on Sunday.

Gorman is now in the middle of his monthly five days of chemo pills.  So far, so good.  He takes the fifth dose tomorrow.  Usually at this point he is feeling pretty rotten but that hasn’t happened yet although that can change quickly.  We’re hoping this round might be a little easier than before.  He continues to look good; everyone says so.  He has probably lost a total of 12 to 14 lbs. but in January when he went under the knife he was pretty heavy (he would hate to know that I put this in our blog!) so now he looks good.  He just doesn’t need to lose any additional weight.  During the five days of chemo, he doesn’t eat much but he tries to make up for it when he feels good.



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  1. Always good to get an update. There is just nothing fun about seeing doctors and undergoing all those tests and then WAITING! I am not very good at that either. However, as you are, we are so thankful for something to be done. Good luck with this round of chemo. Praying for good times ahead. Gayla

  2. Tom & I just said a prayer for continued good-outcomes. We also thanked the Lord for the witness that you two are to all of us, that being “Lean on the Lord at all times”. Thank you for the wonderful updates. We think and pray for you often. Donna

  3. Keep up the great work, you two.
    Much love to you both,
    R and D

  4. Had to grin regarding the blood pressure. The last major surgery I had, probably 15 years ago, when I got wheeled into surgery Bob was in the ER because his blood pressure had gone crazy high. These engineers show stress differently from us non-techs! Going without food or drink is terribly hard for any length of time. Some places have let people have a little chrushed ice to help. We think of you often and are so grateful for all progress. Bob & Susan

  5. Patty and Clay Havard

    You two are amazing and are managing all of this so well (at least from the outside looking in). We have you in our prayers every day – keep up the fight!!

  6. It’s always great to hear from you. I have a hard time with fasting lab work so I appreciate Gorman’s discomfort (altho mine is for a really short time. I guess I better quit complaining, huh?). I’ve only had two MRIs so I don’t know if they always make the same racket in their symphony of noise. But both times, the opening noise, being reminiscent of a WWII submarine movie, caused me to want to call out, “Dive! Dive!”

    It’s such a comfort hearing what attention and care y’all receive from the medical personnel. A little touch from God. We will continue to pray that the rough places be smoothed out. Pat

  7. Aylett Conner Dickman

    Gorman and Beverly – You are inspiring! I remember being where you are and focusing on each day. There’s something comforting about letting “the day’s troubles be sufficient for the day” Love, Aylett

  8. Gorman and Beverly: thanks for another update. it helps to make prayers specific! Your courage is amazing and inspires us all. I’m glad that you get another week at home and hope that it is a very good one. B

  9. Robert & Betty McLendon

    Thanks for the update and we are praying for you both. You both are inspiring us to keep the faith, live one day at a time and be thankful. Hope you enjoy your time at home and can eat good. God Bless.

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