Feels Like Normal For A Little While

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. When Gorman is feeling good and we’re just bumping along, I forget to let everyone know. He’s cooking and eating and enjoying feeling good.

This Wednesday, July 4, we will drive to Birmingham for an early Thurs. appt. That will be another 10 hour day and then another early Friday morning appointment, this one shorter. I try to find ways to make these trips fun so we are staying at Cobb Lane B & B, in the Five Points area, very near UAB. It’s way up on a hill so Wed. night we can sit on the front porch and watch the fireworks around the Vulcan statue. Thursday night we’re going back to a really good restaurant, Hot & Hot Fish Club, where we ate last week; got to take advantage of this time when
Gorman enjoys eating. We have few days off and have to return to B’ham soon so, instead of driving all the way back to Fairhope, we’re going to a little resort north of Atlanta for a few days. It’s in the foothills of the mountains so we’re hoping for cooler weather. We will chill out and then return to B’ham for two days and then back home on July 11. He starts his five days of chemo that day, ugh. But also thankful for the good that it is doing.

We have prayed and worked on our attitude, trying to have grateful hearts, instead of grumbling and complaining. Despite all the driving, we are grateful that Gorman got into this clinical trial. Despite the side effects, we are grateful for the chemo that is keeping this cancer at bay. Last night we were talking about the clinical trial and both agreed that going to UAB had not been as bad as we had anticipated. As a friend said to me on a phone message the other day, “attitude is everything”. And it’s really about the only thing we can control.

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  1. The Rev. Faun Harriman

    Hello it is Faun Paul;s sister. I have been blessed reading your blog. So true about attitude – yours is so full of grace. Only grace could make us be grateful when everything we counted on is gone – you remind me again that God is good. F+

  2. Sandy & Archie

    You are such an inspiration to all of us! Instead of buckets of lemons, y’all are making lemonade!! Remember that we’re in Highlands, NC and if you’re anywhere close we’d love to have you come visit!
    Sandy & Archie

  3. Sally Breitung

    Terry has a saying that he has said for years…No Pain No Gain. I think that is so true in many aspects of life. Our prayers are with you all.

  4. You two are amazing! God bless you for the way you have accepted the journey that you are on. Truly He rewards those who are in his will and patiently wait on Him.
    Much love,
    Lillajo and Charleigh

  5. Sounds like you are taking advantage of the good days…so true attitude and realizing everyone has their own perception of a situation as life takes us on our journey. Bill is officially retired as of Friday so we are on another phase of our lives. Love Sheila and Bill

  6. your gratitude humbles me and fills me with gratitude for our love and friendship.

  7. Attitude Adjusment is indeed difficult and certainly doesn’t come naturally. The first big step is remembering to do it. You two seem to have made that a practice. It is such a lift when we concentrate on our blessings and, as you’ve no doubt noticed, you and Gorman have become a blessing to all of us. Thank you!

  8. Jimmy & Karen

    Beverly, you should be a travel agent!! Love
    how you research best places to stay and to
    eat!! “Making lemonade out of lemons”!! Have
    Something fun to look forward to after treatment!! Endure….then enjoy!!
    Still praying for you!! Take care!!
    Jimmy & Karen

  9. Sunday sermon: Big problem then little God, but (as you two look at life) BIG GOD then little problem. Inspiring as you make everyday a BLESSING. Best Always, Chris

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