He Turned The Corner

ByThursday night Gorman began to feel better and last night he was cooking supper; his favorite thing and mine too! He kept saying that it felt so good to feel good. We are grateful to have about three weeks to feel good and enjoy life!

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  1. Donna Henderson

    Beverly & Gorman. Tom and I are so thrilled to hear this great news. We pray for you daily and know that God continues to pour his blessings and grace upon you. Bless Jeaus!!

  2. Wonderful news and answer to prayers!!
    Maybe he’ll gain those 6 lbs. back!!
    Karen & Jimmy

  3. I can only say “ditto” to the two posts above. Know you are full of gratitude and we pray for the new drug to bring many more like today. Bob & Susan

  4. Well, I’m just catching up on your last 2 posts so by the time I read how bad Gorman felt, I had already read how much better he was feeling. But the one thing to have when you’re feeling blue, about feeling bad, is to have a great helpmate… and one with a sense of humor, too. Isn’t it strange? I keep up with your posts in the hopes I’ll say something that brings you comfort during the trying times but I walk away from your latest update, having gotten a boost from some comment you made. Gorman is blessed with a Proverbs 31 wife.

  5. AWESOME…..

  6. What great news to get with this post… Gorman feeling good and the best thing is he is COOKING!!! That would be such a blessing in my house!!! HA!!! Well, maybe it would!!!! Keeping ya’ll in our daily prayers and thoughts with love and hope!!! Continue to smile and thank God!!! He will always be there to hold your hands!!!~ Love Lots, MEL and TOMMY

  7. Robert & Betty McLendon

    Gorman, glad you are feeling better. Keep up the good fight. By the way, you’ve never cooked for us. I’ll be glad to give you six pounds and more of mine. God Bless. Beverly, you are doing a great job. Enjoy the break.

  8. Glad to arrive back and read the good news.I lit candles all over England for you both, and prayers have been answered. God is good.

  9. BEVERLY & GORMAN – THANKS FROM ALL OF US WHO ARE TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH YOU GUYS for this wonderful SITE – One great gift you have, Beverly, is you still have a sense of humor Thanks for the stories about the trips, driving, your church and the bank episode. I keep hearing of that happening to folks: does the Bible say something about folks who have money??!!!!

    We LOVE YOU GUYS – blessings and good happy days are wished for you. Love the pictures, especially Gorman with that sweet little one.
    Jann & George P.

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