Back From UAB

Our visit to UAB was long and tiring but good..  They wanted to all the usual baseline testing to prepare for the XL765 clinical trial.  Gorman had to have another MRI; he soooo hates those things.  But it was good because it was beautifully clear, praise God.  We got home last night and now we’re both running around like crazy trying to get everything done before we leave early Saturday morning to go visit our kids.  Yipee!   According to, we will have cool and sunny days in both Santa Monica and Ft. Collins.  That will be a relief from Fairhope, where the humidity has arrived, along with 90 degree days.

Gorman continues to feel good, with times of not so good (a little fatigue, a little nausea, then it passes).  Of course that is discouraging to him as it’s been five weeks since his last round of chemo but I keep telling him that all the printed material says this could continue for another year as a result of radiation and chemo, plus that ongoing five-day dose of chemo each month.  That good MRI was very encouraging and we keep focusing on that.

Our dear St. James Episcopal Church friends have started a prayer ministry called “Stitches of Prayers” and Gorman is one of the first to be blessed by this ministry.  They assembled and stitched a throw quilt for him that included long floss ties in each square.  At last Sunday’s service, folks came forward to tie a knot while praying for Gorman or they laid hands on the quilt and prayed.  It’s the most beautiful and touching thing you could ever imagine.  Gorman and I both teared up looking at it.  It’s a good thing we weren’t at church last Sunday as we both would have been sobbing.  It’s done in shades of browns and greens, fabrics printed with leaves, trees and best of all, fish – so appropriate for Gorman!  That quilt of prayers will make many trips back and forth to Birmingham and will serve as a reminder of all the prayers being said for us.

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  1. Kathy Catchot

    Thank you, Lord, for such an encouraging report! I am so excited that y’all will soon be on the way to see your boys. A church in my community has a blanket ministry like the one you described. They call it “He Loves Me Sew”. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the update and have a wonderful trip. Gorman – try to behave yourself! 🙂

  2. Mel Duke Ford

    Tommy and I are so happy Gorman continues to have good days and ya’ll are traveling to see your kids. Nothing like a good dose of “kids” to lift you up!! {:0) The prayer quilt is amazing and I think I will suggest it to the church of Nativity here in Huntsville. There is a group who knit prayer shawls for people in need at our church but I love this ministry of the prayer quilt!!! We continue to keep ya’ll in our daily prayers and in our hearts. Be safe and have a blast on your trip!!! Much love and many hugs~ MEL and TOMMY

  3. Sally & Terry Breitung


    Thank you for sharing with all of us! My eyes were tearing up as I read about the quilt. What a wonderful thing your church family is doing and who doesn’t love a great quilt! We are thinking and praying for you all as you go through this difficult time and may God be with you on this journey.

  4. Praise be for the great mri. A report like that will fly you on your trip, plane or no plane, and make the visits even that much more enjoyable. Hands of people from all over are “touching the prayer blanket” with you two and i just want you to know how inspired I am by your unwavering faith. Love.

  5. Barbara Earles

    So happy to hear this news! What a beautiful story about the quilt.

  6. Robert & Betty McLendon

    Great news. What an Awesome God we serve. Enjoy the kids and hug them a lot. What a way to say we love you by giving a prayer blanket. Thanks for sharing with us and inspiring us to be more faithful.

  7. What a great report. Thanks for continuing to share your news with all of us. I am inspired by your courage and your faith. You guys are in my prayers and the prayers of the Joyful Noise Sunday School Class in Nashville. Keep up the good fight.

  8. Pray that your trip is all you hope it will be and that Gorman feels great!! Gayla

  9. Jimmy & Karen

    Oh my!! What a wonderful ministry!! Brought
    tears to our eyes!! Sounds beautiful!!
    Glad to hear good news about MRI again!!
    “Best Medicine” awaits you in Colorado and
    California!! Enjoy!! Jimmy & Karen

    • Web and Michelle Heidelberg

      Breeze, I ran into Jimmy and Karen at OM and they filled me in, although I had also inquired of Mike Essary and Russ Bryan here in your H’burg office (I have been working with them on a project). So glad to read that your recent MRI went so well, and that y’all were able to make the trip to visit your children where, as Jimmy and Karen said, the “Best Medicine” awaits. A blessing indeed! I have read your blog and know that you have a great many people supporting you through this. Please know that Michelle and I are two of them. We will continue to follow your progress and add our prayers to the many already being offered on your behalf.
      Mike Logan is having health issues of his own right now (perhaps you know), but is fighting the good fight. He sends his best wishes.
      Michelle joins me in sending our prayers and very best wishes—hang in there!
      In hoc, Web Heidelberg. ( )

  10. So glad your trip to UBA was good and now on the the really fun part of seeing the boys!

    The MRI is certainly an experience, isn’t it? What a “symphony” of sounds. The first sound reminded me of a submarine movie. I expected the techician to call out, “Dive, Dive!”

    We’re so thankful for your good report

  11. I love the prayer quilt idea! God is midst as you are being covered with the prayers of the saints. Men ought always to pray and not faint. I am thanking the Lord for the good MRI report as well!

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