A Week of Reprieve

Our original schedule was for Gorman to take his heavy duty doses of Temodar this week but he gets a reprieve. The folks at UAB told us to hold off for a few weeks so he could take it along with the trial drug, XL765. In fact, I jokingly accused Gorman of deciding to do the clinical trial so he could put off that Temodar but he denied it. Anyway, he’s enjoying walking everyday, eating and feeling good. We will go to UAB next Tuesday, May 29 for baseline testing; just MRI, labwork and such. Then we get to go visit our children for nine days. We get back from that trip on June 11 and leave the next day for UAB, where he will have several days of treatment and monitoring to make sure he’s tolerating the drugs. We don’t know that this will work for him but we’re hoping and praying.

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  1. Hoping and praying right along with you. Hugs, gayla

  2. Thanks for the update. We fly out to Santa Monica on Thursday and fly back on Tuesday a quick weekend while our son is off. Our grandson just had his third birthday last week so we can’t wait to see him and his little sister too. It sounds like the weather is going to be cool there and very hot here. I am so glad ya’ll are going out to visit and I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Wonderful news that you will get to visit your family and Gorman can enjoy beautiful Fairhope in this wonderful Spring weather. Bill and I think of you often and you are always in our prayers…Love Sheila

  4. Kristen Twedt

    The Twedt family continues to pray for Gorman, you and your family and the doctors who manage his treatment. We hope for more good news in the days to come. Enjoy your trip and safe travels!

  5. Jann (and George) Puckett

    Beverly and Gorman – glad to hear some more exciting news over the last 10 days – GOOD luck with visit after Memorial Day – I KNOW UAB is a great place. PRAYERS, love and blessings to you both – safe travels on your way out west.
    Jann & George P. (prayer group friend said a staffer from Gorman’s Jackson office had seen G and said he looks really good!!)

  6. Terr & Charlie

    dearest Beverly and Gorman.. Charlie and I have you constantly in our prayers and are so blessed by your faith. I love how the Holy Spirit continues to open the doors for you, and then close others. We were not far from you in Apalachicola about the same time, so know the weather and the area had the same healing affect of rest that it did for resting us! Will be praying for a safe trip over to see the children, and the hope the new trial will bring. God is using you mightily in this battle, and we know you will be the victor.. Blessings Terry & Charlie Psalm 118:24 Numb 6:24-26

  7. So great to hear the good news! I know y’all will love visiting Charlie and Grady, what a wonderful trip. Enjoy and be safe!!

  8. Forgot to sign it, sorry. It is from Lillajo.

  9. So glad you all are persevering in Gorman’s quest for remission. You all have great faith, and it is surely greater in this trial. We think of you and pray daily that he will be cured. I know you will enjoy your travels to see your boys. Thanks for your sharing on this blog; it is a great way to keep in touch. much love, Susan

  10. It’s such a joy to see in all of this, that humor is still blooming in your life. I’ve noticed this before and always get a boost. This must be one of the aspects of the Spirit giving peace.

  11. Really enjoy your trip. Hope & prayer will be with you.

  12. My prayers are with you both. The beautiful quilt will be a source of comfort. Love, Rita

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