A New Clinical Trial

Well, we only thought we were settling into a new normal routine. We received a phone call Monday fromUAB saying a slot had been opened in a clinical trial called XL765. After two days of agonizing over this, Gorman decided to do it. This is a study on a drug that inhibits the molecules that lead to tumor cell proliferation and survival. Several pharmacutical companies are currently testing versions of this drug and it’s generating a lot of excitement. Gorman will continue to take his monthly doses of Temodar and will take the XK765 everyday. The down side is that, during the first three months, we will have to be in Birmingham a lot, and I do mean A LOT. Thereafter, we only have to go once a month. We decided we could “tough it up” and do whatever it takes. We have the option to drop at any time if we so choose. The good news is UAB was willing to work around our upcoming trip to visit our kids. We’ll go up sometime within the next two weeks for screening tests and get started after we return from our kids visit.

So here we go!!

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  1. Oh YEAH!!!!~ This sounds like wonderful news to me!!! I just know this will be a good clinical trial for Gorman. We will be cheering for ya’ll up here in Huntsville. LET US KNOW WHEN YOU WILL BE IN BIRMINGHAM FOR AWHILE AND WE MAY BOP DOWN AND HAVE DINNER WITH YA’LL ONE OF THE NIGHTS GORMAN FEELS LIKE EATING!!! I know Tommy would love to see ya’ll and so would I !!!! Prayers remain going up for ya’ll and sounds like they are being heard!!!! YEAH GOD!!!! Love, MEL and TOMMY

  2. Sheila Harriman

    Our prayers are solidly with you.
    It’s in the hands of the Lord for sure
    Sheila & Paul

  3. Birmingham is nice. I’m glad you are giving the drug a try! God’s Speed.

  4. Fantastic news! I’m going to pray for you right now. How amazing is it that you can still take your trip! Wow. God is faithful in every detail! love!

  5. Robert & Betty McLendon

    Just to let you know you are always in our prayers. May God continue to keep you close and his hand of healing working through your body. Glad to hear you are going to get to visit your kids. That’s great. Glad you are able to enjoy each other and have fun cooking together. You both are an inspiration to us all.

  6. This is good news in so many ways–not just the trial but it’s nice to know you are working with the type of people who try to work WITH you and your the upcoming visit with the boys. This sounds like the type of people you want to associate with during the trial PLUS you get to visit the boys! What a deal. Thank You, God.

  7. Dear Beverly and Gorman, I know you didn’t choose this road, but your approach is such an inspiration to me. I will pray that this trial is an answer to prayer and that Gorman tolerates it well. Also that the new medicine blasts those cancer cells away and keeps them away. So glad you have the trip to look forward to. I know Grady, Charlie, Kathleen, and Ryland are eagerly waiting to see you. Have fun! Love, gayla

  8. Patty and Clay Havard

    Our hearts are swelling with thankfulness to God over this latest news. We know that He is there with you. Have a safe journey to visit your children. Our sincerest love, C&P

  9. Hang in there! We’re praying for you. Hibbett and Susan

  10. Will be lifting you this week asking for minimal side effects, UAB sounds very promising.
    Love, Elaine

  11. This is the 21st and it seems like it’s going to be a “heavy duty” day for the next few days. Of course, we just can’t help ourselves–we will be praying that Gorman doesn’t have as much trouble this time. But we’re also praying for both of you to have the strength and peace for whatever the days bring. And then it’s “California (and Colorado), here we come!”

  12. Good luck Beverly and Gorman with the trial. We are praying.

  13. I just heard about Gorman’s illness yesterday. Will be praying for you all. Hang in there!
    Billy Cobb

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