Our New “Normal”

We had a great time in Seaside.  Just relaxed, walked around the little town and ate some good food.  Almost every day Gorman comments on how good he feels.  But a week from tomorrow, May 21, it’ll be time for this month’s five days of maintenance chemo, heavy duty stuff. 

In the meantime, we think of this as our new normal: six or seven days of feeling awful and then 21 days or so of feeling good, where we can fit in something fun.  Of course, there will be an MRI every 2-3 months and that is always hovering in the background, lurking in the shadows but I guess that’s where faith comes in.  We try not to get tangled up in those worry webs of the future and thank God for the present and know that He will be with us, whatever the future holds.

Speaking of fitting in some fun, we have booked our visit to our kids in Ft. Collins, CO and Santa Monica, CA.  We will fly out on Monday, June 2, which will give Gorman a good week to recover from the maintenance chemo.  I’m a little concerned about flying when his resistance is low.  Does anyone know if Airborne really works?  I can imagine what Gorman will say if I ask him to take another pill.

  We will see the oncologist this Tuesday and have blood work done.  Hopefully his white count will be up  at that point.  Also the next MRI is Monday, July 2 at UAB, where we’ll meet with Dr. Nabors again.

Gorman and I want to thank all of you who have left comments.  It lifts our spirits to read them.  As always, we continue to be grateful for your prayers.


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  1. Charlie & Peggy Furlow

    Hey yall, glad y’all had a good trip and
    that Gorman is feeling better. We continue
    to keep y’all in our prayers. Shannon is
    also praying for y’all . Love y’all Peggy and Charlie

  2. Hope you’ve had a great Mother’s Day! Bob and I have with some of the children. So glad you are enjoying yourselves (most of the time) and you inspire me to “keep the faith”. God is good.

  3. Hi there, Happy Mother’s Day wishing you both the best. The answer to your question airborne does work. It builds up your immune some kind of strange but it does work. Of course it was developed by airborne.

    Enjoy your evening!


  4. Great that you are going to see your kids. Gorman keep on having the “feel better” days as that is music to our ears. One Day At A Time is so much more than just a song.

  5. You know me – wrong key Bates

  6. Jimmy & Karen

    Good to hear from you!! Glad to hear Gorman
    is feeling good!! “One day at a time” and “living in the moment” are easier said than done!! Maybe looking forward to seeing the
    boys will make those five days more “bearable”!! Have heard of people taking airborne with good results! I have taken it before long flights or cruise! Can’t hurt!
    Continue to pray for you!! Take Care!
    Jimmy & Karen

  7. Glad to hear that you are having normal days. Perhaps the next chemo will be less difficult to tolerate.
    You remain in our thoughts and prayers.
    Ralph and Mary Douglas Vance

  8. Glad to hear about the Seaside visit. What a great place to chill. I took Airborne

    once and it made me unbelievably gassy. Big time! Made it very awkward to be anywhere around people, much less on a plane!

  9. Morgan swears by Airborne. Great you will be seeing your boys. I know this will be a real joy for both of you and what great timing. It falls between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

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