Well, Sunday Gorman felt so bad that we didn’t even go to church. That five days of extra-strong chemo did him in. Combine that with the fact that my sister was coming for a visit Monday but we had to cancel because she was getting a cold, couldn’t risk that around Gorman and I was in a real blue funk for a couple days. It took lots of prayer ( —-and needlepoint), plus Gorman feeling better, for me to rally but he was feeling a little better on Monday and today he had a great day. So now we have about 20 days to fit in some fun before the next five-day round of chemotherapy. Tonight we going out to celebrate that good MRI(10 days later) and this afternoon we booked a little three-day getaway to Seaside, FL. We’ll leave Sunday after church.

I’m not very good at paragraphs, am I?

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  1. Beverly and Gorman,

    Just want both of you to know that y’all are in our thoughts and prayers! Have a wonderful time in Seaside.

    Sally & Terry

  2. Lisa Darnell

    Praying for you, too, Beverly! Its tough on caregivers
    . Have a ball at Seaside-one of my favorite places on earth! We are going on May 12 to celebrate Alise’s college graduation-warm it up for us!

  3. Sandy & Archie

    Paragraphs –well you’re almost as good at paragraphs as you are at taking care of your guy! and he is the most important! Have fun celebrating! You’re still at the top of the list!

    sandy and archie

  4. Bev, don’t worry, we are not critiquing ( sp?) your grammar. Glad to hear today was good and you both have something to look forward to-YEA!! Know that many prayers are sent your way. Love, gayla and John

  5. Jimmy & Karen

    Paragraphs?? Who’s noticing?? What
    do we know? Your “posts” are wonderful!!
    So informative!!

    Sorry Gorman had such a bad weekend, but
    I agree it means those cancer cells are feeling
    bad also!! Did laugh though picturing you n
    Kitchen and Gorman gets “anxious” & comes
    to the “rescue”!! Glad he is better!! Enjoy Seaside!!
    Take care!! Karen & Jimmy

  6. Beverly & Gorman, Tom & I continue to keep a check on things by way of Katherine, but it is wonderful to hear the news from you too. I believe is specific prayers so it is good to know when Gorman needs our prayers for more energy, or less nausea. And we ALWAYS pray for complete healing and always for you! Have a wonderful trip and give George’s (Alys Beach) a try for lunch or dinner. Great, great food in a casual atmosphere.
    Tom & Donna

  7. Like several other comments, we are just so glad to have updates that we don’t care if you use the “proper rules of English.” Sorry y’all have had a rough time and think the short get-away is wonderful. Our prayers go wherever you go

  8. Seaside is a great place to have a wonderful time. Enjoy! God’s blessings are real and many.

  9. Patty and Clay Havard

    Thankful that Gorman has made a rally after the heavy chemo. You two are wise to have a get-a-way during the days before the next round. Our prayers are with you every day. We know that God is with you.

  10. Beverly: we are thankful that you keep us updated on this roller coaster ride. It makes me feel close to you (from far away) and helps to focus my prayers. I’m happy you are leaving soon to celebrate the good MRI! We will raise a glass of thanksgiving to you as you rest and recoup in Florida.
    Love to you both,

  11. We just wanted to let you know that Hand Arendall attorneys and employees have you in our thoughts and prayers. Your strength and endurance is a blessing. God Bless!
    Melvin Evans

  12. Jann (and George) Puckett

    Beverly and Gorman – so glad you got to go to the Beach for a few days – hope you enjoyed some sun…which will surely make Gorman feel a bit more energy. No matter the form – keep the news coming. YOU both continue to be at the top of our prayer list. GOD’s continued blessings to you both and the “boys” and family. Jann & George P.

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