Not So Great Weekend

Gorman finished his last super heavy-duty dose of Temodar Friday night  but had been feeling awful since Wednesday.  The weekend was the pits.  He was fatigued, had nausea and generally felt awful.  By today, he was doing better.  Those of you who really know us will laugh at this.  I cooked supper tonight.  Gorman has been our chef extraordinaire for years now.  But I decided we needed something nutritious and before I knew it, he was in there with me, chopping and helping and snacking.  It was thrilling!  And he actually ate some supper.  I think we are on the way back up and hopefully, we’ll have good days for the next three weeks or so.  I keep reminding him, if the chemo is making him feel this bad, think what it’s doing to those random cancer cells!

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  1. Sandy & Archie

    Love all your posts! The good and the bad, but especially the good! It’s just good to know that Gorman is progressing and you are right about the chemo and the ***##@@%%** cancer cells! You’re a great cheerleader and I know you make him feel better everyday! We pray everyday!
    Love you!
    Sandy & Archie

  2. Beverly~ You and Gorman were certainly missed at the class reunion last weekend, especially by me {:0).. You were my bright spot at the last one we went to in V’burg. This was a fun reunion though.
    Really hate that Gorman has to deal with the tummy upsets but like you said… just think what it is doing to the cancer cells. ZAP*#@%Zonk^*##GONE…. YEA!!!!!!!
    Hang in there and know we keep you in our prayers daily. Love, Tom and MEL

  3. How blessed u r 2 have each other

  4. We take so many small things for granted, don’t we? Who would have thought the kitchen could be so much fun!

  5. good to har gorman back in the kitchen. now if he can just stay out of the hot water. : )

  6. As Claypool might say: “Brave Journey!” We would add our continuous thoughts and prayers about being-and remaining-in the 25% group. . .

    Much love,
    Guy and Judy

  7. Hope this is the worst you have to go through for a very long time. Getting rid of “C” is such a tough battle. Glad to hear Gorman is up and trying to run the kitchen, you can’t keep a good man down very long. Thinking and praying for you guys often.

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