Not For The Faint-Hearted

Gorman jumped on this maintenance phase and began his five days of chemo Monday night.  It was awful.  Even though he had taken Phenergan with the Temodar, he was throwing up much of the night.  Then our oncologist, Mike Meshad called yesterday and had talked with Dr. Nabors at UAB.  One of the requirements for a clinical trial they have in mind is that Gorman take 400 mg of Temodar for five days, not the 300 mg he began.  Of course, our first thought was that if 300 mg made him sick as a dog, what would 400 mg do?  But those of you who know Gorman know that he is strong and determined.  Mike told us to double the dose of Phenergan and add a double dose of Zofran, another anti-nausea drug and most importantly, to take it an hour before the Temodar.  Well that’s what he did and he had a great night’s sleep with no nausea.  Hallelujah!  This stuff is not for the faint-hearted nor the faint of stomach.

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  1. We are betting on you two with God’s grace!

    • We are excited about the MRI results—-and the good nights sleep. Hope you guys have a great trip to CO and CA. You are in our thoughts and prayers always. Richard & Bettye Young

  2. So happy they had a solution that helped. Hang in there Gorman and you too Bev. Every day means one less to go!

  3. so glad that he had a better night. praying for the solution to be the answer. keep on going gorman.

  4. You both are just amazing!!!

  5. Drugs are so hard on the system but so necessary. But a good night’s sleep makes the going through this so much easier. All the folks at the reunion were thinking of you as we signed the card. And adding our prayers to so many who care for you two.

  6. A good night’s sleep is a treasure.

  7. Wow. You are both amazing and strong people–not a faint heart to be found! Sending much love and continuing the prayers, gloria and jim

  8. I’m pulling for you, old friend. I got it, too, and the meds did more damage than I ever imagined. Not the best weight-loss program.

  9. So sorry Gorman had such a bad night!!
    One of the worst feelings!! Glad to hear
    that’s been “fixed”!! Hope you get to take
    that trip “out West” soon!!
    Jimmy & Karen

  10. “Not for the Faint-Hearted” was certainly an appropriate title for this update. And how glad I am that you forged forward instead.

  11. Thanking God for the wisdom and compassion of Gorman’s doctors. Will keep up the prayers for you both. Elaine

  12. Had to laugh out loud at your earlier comment about “Prozac” needlepoint. Crosstitch has been my savior, at times. Your sense of humor is clearly part of your steadfast faith. Steven and I hope you both continue to receive all the support and strength you need to continue on a path of healing and hope. Thank you for keeping everyone updated with this blog, and please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or your family. God bless!

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