Good News

Gorman’s MRI was clear!  Needless to say, we are praising God and thanking you all for praying for us.

Gorman will now begin the stronger doses of Temodar five days each month.  We met with Dr. Nabors and he talked with us about a couple of clinical trials that might be appropriate for Gorman but he has to get started with this maintenance phase of chemo first.  We will return to UAB in two months for another MRI and an appointment with Dr. Nabors and discuss the clinical trials then.

We still have a tough row to hoe ahead of us but, at least for two months, we can breathe a sign of relief and rest a little easier.

We are anxious to go visit our kids (Ft. Collins, CO and Santa Monica, CA) but the oncologist suggested Gorman get through one round of Temodar and see how he does before we make any plans.

Again, thanks to each one of you for your encouraging messages and notes, which  have so helped us to keep on keeping on.  Your prayers have surrounded us and we know God is with us through this.  Gorman’s surgery was three months ago today and he has walked with us everyday.

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  1. Praise God! Jim and I prayed early this morning–maybe about the time you were waking up to get ready to go to the MRI–and this is the grandest possible news! We are inspired by your courage and faith, as always. Sending much love, gloria

  2. What great news and a good way to begin the next phase of treatment! You seem to have been fortunate to have found an excellent physician who wants to cure the problem in the best and safest way! Of course we pray for you both each day as do so many others and know that force will also make a big difference to your recovery! BTW , so nice to see you both out and about and participating in your community events!

  3. Wow!! What fantastic news.

  4. Praise Him!!! Such blessings on this report!!! He has you both in His hands!

  5. Praise the Lord! So wonderful to hear your good news! Keep up the great work!

  6. Bob and I are so grateful for this good news. Do enjoy the next couple of months and we trust the chemo isn’t too tiring. Will continue to pray. Please keep posting. God Bless.

  7. Tom and I are so happy to receive this news!!! Ya’ll were so very missed this weekend at the 50th reunion!!! Many were asking about ya’ll and Beverly I missed you probably more than anyone!!! The reunion was fun but not quite the same without ya’ll!!! Take care and know we love you and are keeping you in our prayers. God Bless!!! Mel and Tommy

  8. Thank God for this good news. I can only imagine how wonderful that news was to both of you. We will continue to pray for complete healing and tolerance to this chemo. Hope you can get the plane tickets soon!! Gayla

  9. We are praising God right along with the two of you for such wonderful news! It makes my heart so happy to see you both at St. James and reminds me of the power of prayer and faith. Don and I will continue to pray. Lloyd Smith

  10. Barbara Earles

    PRAISE GOD!!! I will continue praying for you both.

  11. Karen Chandler

    Yeah!! What an uplifting message!! Know your spirits are lifted “sky high”!! Wonderful news!! We thank God and continue to pray for strength as Gorman starts the next phase of treatment!! Know you are looking forward to seeing Grady and Charlie and “loving on” that grandbaby!! No better medicine!! Take Care!! Karen & Jimmy

  12. Robert & Betty McLendon

    i just wanted to praise the Lord with you and i can say that Mr. Gorman is a fighter and he want quit. I have been reading your reports and can see how the Lord has blessed. You both have been a blessing to me and an encouragement. Mr. Gorman is certainly blessed to have a woman so faithful encouraging him. From my experience in life i have found that behind every good man is a good woman. Beverly, you remind me so much of my own wife, thank you for taking care of Gorman. We are praying for your strength as well. Your words bring me to tears as i think of Mr. Gorman and how much he has meant to me. He has always encouraged me to be my best not just at what i do for Neel- Schaffer, but in my daily walk as well. For Mr. Gorman: I’ll be playing in the MDOT golf tournament next week with those great clubs i got from you that i’ll cherish from now on and not get rid of ever. They are a good reminder to whisper a prayer for you every time i take a club out of my bag next week. Hope you get to go see your family and grandkids. I’m coaching my granddaughter’s fast pitch softball team this year. She managed to hit two inside the park homeruns in our last game. Made grandpa really proud. I have another grandson playing in the 9/10 year old baseball. He pitches and plays first base and is doing really good. We, Betty and I, spend most of our time at the ball fields. By the way i have 6 more grandkids and now one great-grandbaby boy. Looking forward to teaching him about Christ, hunting, fishing, baseball, and football. Enough. Take care and remember you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  13. Such good news!!! Our prayers of Thanksgiving go to our Faithful God.

  14. LaTonya Graham


  15. Your walk in faith has inspired us all … and many, many prayers are raised for you both, daily. Know we love you and continually pray for the Holy Spirit’s peace.. the calm in the storm. Blessings Terry & Charlie

  16. I am so glad to hear the good news, Our prayers will continue to go up each day . We missed you at the reunion and you were in our thoughts and prayers there too. Keep up the good fight and know that we are here for you any time. GINNY

  17. Great MRI blessings! Your faith is a real inspiration for all of us. Have kept up thru Wyn & Tommy and poured out my prayers. Want you to know we missed you at the reunion. Keep on working with God and the medical team and we will joyfully praise these good reports.

  18. Alleluia, Priase the Lord! God is so good.

  19. Patty and Clay Havard

    We are ever so thankful to God that he is watching over Gorman. Bless you both as you continue your journey down this difficult road. Always know that all of your St. James Family is there with you.

  20. Carol Ann Oakman

    This is such great news and another answered prayer. God is good and He is holding you in His hands. We missed you at the reunion but know that you were remembered and we are looking for you and Beverly to be at the next one. We continue to remember you in our prayers and are trusting God for miracles. Remember, He is still on His throne and holding each of us in His hands. Thank you Beverly for your blogs.

  21. Pat and Gerald White

    That is great news! So glad Karen told us about this communication so we can get your reports. We love ya’ll and pray for continued healing. Gerald and Pat

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