It Feels Good To Feel Good

A belated Happy Easter to everyone.  Our Easter was wonderful and it was great to be at our dear St. James Episcopal Church.

We had fun in New Orleans; drank and ate and slept.  Gorman was still a bit queasy but the Zofran took care of that.  Every afternoon Gorman took a little nap and I did my needlepoint (also referred to as my Prozac) and watched the Mississippi River roll by as we could see it from our hotel room.  By the time we got home Friday, he was feeling fine and that continues, getting better every day now that he’s finished with radiation and chemo.

Today we saw Mike Meshad, our oncologist.  Gorman was to start on the maintenance phase, strong doses of Temodar five days out of every month; however, his white count is too low to start that.  Mike didn’t think it was cause for concern and said he expected it to rise over the next two weeks.  While a low white count lowers a person’s immunity, it doesn’t cause fatigue like a low red blood count so that’s a blessing.  I just have to nag him to wash his hands all the time.  Frankly, Gorman is enjoying feeling good and was relieved to get this little reprieve.  He will get his blood checked again on Friday, April 20, when I expect we’ll be back at it.

Our Lord continues to cover us with His peace.  Except for tiny, temporary backslides into anxiousness and despair, we are doing okay.  Actually, I am the one who backslides; Gorman’s faith is so strong that he amazes me.  And it’s not the kind of “baby faith” that says everything’s going to be hunky-dory and just fine and dandy but it’s a deep trust that our Lord will be with us and see us through this to whatever outcome.  He inspires me.

For Christmas, a dear friend gave me a copy of a devotional called “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young and it been such a balm for our souls.  Gorman and I read it every morning and we think it must have been written just for us but I understand other people  feel that same way about this little book.  It’s not specifically for this situation we’re in but just for walking through life everyday with all its joys and its sorrows.  I really recommend it.

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  1. this update is music to my ears and though the way is troubled and difficult the magic word is “trust”. so glad that your faith is there to walk with ya’ll. thanks for the update.

  2. HAPPY BELATED EASTER TO YOU BOTH!!! ~~ HE HAS RISEN AND IS WITH US!!! “IN HIS LIVING, HE LOVED US! IN HIS DYING, HE SAVED US! IN HIS BURIAL, HE TOOK OUR SINS FAR AWAY. IN HIS RISING HE JUSTIFIED FREELY FOREVER!!! HE IS COMING AGAIN. Oh Glorious Day!!!”… I heard these words in a song the other day and I have been singing them over and over, I loved them so much!!!

    We are so happy to hear Gorman is feeling better!! He remains in our everyday prayers as you do also!!!! I love the devotional book “Jesus Calling” and read it everyday. Our Bible Study was doing a study on “Decerning The Voice of God” and one of the young mothers brought “Jesus Calling” to class and we all got one!! I also have recommended it highly!!! I have the same feeling every morning that it is speaking right to me! I look up the scriptures written at bottom of page and write them in my little notebook I keep!! Helps me alot!!!

    Hang in there dear friends and we will continue to keep you in that deep deep pocket of our hearts with love and prayers!!!! I will so miss you Beverly at the class reunion in Vicksburg. You were my salvation at the last one! HA!!!~ Mel and Tommy

  3. Jann (and George) Puckett

    Beverly – so glad to be able to keep up with you guys without disturbing you with a phone call. YOU both are in our prayers – always in our hearts….. We pray for peace and comfort from our loving God. Gorman had some special prayers offered up in some beautiful cathedrals when on my spring trip.
    Jann and George P.

  4. Dear Gorman and Beverly,

    I have seen Gorman’s name on the sicklist in the Northminster newsletter, but just today found out about his diagnosis and got the address of this site from Neel-Schaffer. I am glad to see from the site that Gorman is doing well at this time, and that you had a good Easter. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers. We still miss you at Northminster, but the church is doing well under Chuck Poole’s stewardship.

    My best wishes for continued progress.

    John Clark

  5. Great news!! Glad to hear you enjoyed trip to N.O. AND that Gorman is feeling GOOD!! Your messages inspire us!! Thanks for mentioning that book!! Will be praying for good results in next lab tests!! Take Care!!
    Jimmy & Karen

  6. Hey Beverly and Gorman!
    So happy to hear that you all had a good respit in New Orleans! No place like it in the world, is there? I love that little book “Jesus Calling” also! Isn’t it just the best? He speaks so clearly to each of us with just what we need for that day. What a stroke of genius to write devotionals as being spoken by our Lord and Saviour to each of us personally. Keep the faith, I know you will. Love you both!

  7. I’ve been away from the Internet for a week (a little knee surgery) and I can not tell you how great it was to re-enter the world with this latest update from you! Someone has already used the comment “music to my ears” but that is exactly how I feel. And altho I took a break from the Internet, the Holy Spirit brought you two to mind many times a day. He’s always on the job!

  8. Judy and I think of you and pray for and about each of you every day after reading Jesus Calling, and picture the Light of Christ enveloping both of you . . .regardless of the circumstances. Much love, Guy and Judy

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