Not A Good Weekend

We’re glad this weekend is almost over.  Gorman has been somewhat nauseated and so tired and sleepy for the past couple of days.  We kinda expected this right here at the end of the six weeks of treatment.  He has Phenergan to take at night for nausea but it causes drowsiness, not what we need.  Tomorrow I’m calling the doctor to ask for Zofran as  I’ve been told it can be taken during the day and won’t put you to sleep.  Wish I had thought to do that before now.  He took his last chemo pills Friday night, will get his last radiation treatment tomorrow and that’s it. Woo hoo!

At least that’s it for this phase.  Then we go back to the oncologist on April 10 and he will start Gorman on “maintenance”, which means that five days out of each month, he will take very strong doses of chemo, twice or more than what he’s been taking.  That should kick those cancer cells out of the ball park!  On April 23, he will have an MRI and that will tell us his exact situation and who knows what happens after that.  We’re not dealing with that yet; we’re just walking this road today.

And we’re going to New Orleans on Tuesday for several days to celebrate making it through six weeks of treatment and getting two weeks off.  We think that calls for celebration.

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  1. Donna Henderson

    Well Hooray for the end of the 6 weeks! Some say that the Radiation is the toughest part. And you definitely should celebrate the end of this treatment, if for nothing else, you have been tied to the Lower Alabama area for 6 weeks. I know that Gorman is going to do well and feel much better in the next few days. Eat a big ole Po-boy for me and Tom.
    Blessings to you!!!!

  2. Tom and I are so sorry to hear that ya’ll had a bummer weekend BUT sounds like looking forward to celebrating in Nola will make up for it!!!! YUMYUM!!!! ~~One of the last times we were with ya’ll was eating in Nola and that was a blast!!! We continue to keep both of you in our prayers and send much love and many hugs to you both!!! Friends are the sunshine of our lives so ya’ll keep shining with your Faith and Trust in the Lord and He will pull you through this valley!!!! Always thinking of you~ Mel and Tommy

  3. Julie and John Williams

    The New Orleans trip will be a well deserved gettaway! I have had yall in my thoughts and prayers. I took the Zophran for severe nausea during both pregnancies and recommend it for sure!

  4. Well, you deserve a break and picked a good city to go to (it shouldn’t take much travel but, suddenly, you’re in an entire different world!). My b-i-l has an apt on Royal so we go down about once a year. But it’s my understanding that some people go to N.O. and never set foot in the Quarter! I do know there’s a beautiful Episcopal church in the Magazine area, near Commander’s Palace. At least there used to be!

    My favorite thing to do is watch the river flow by. Perhaps Gorman already did enuf of that in Vicksburg but I could just sit there for hours. God creates beautiful things. God creates powerful things (at least they look powerful to us).

    We’ll be prayng that you have good weather and that you both brought your appitites! And, of course, we’ll all be praying about the upcoming schedule y’all have this month.

  5. Blessings that our Lord’s Passion week would coincide with your 6 weeks celebration.. His gift of life you truly celebrate as evidenced in your words. Your faith comes shining through as He uses you to bless others as we pray for you.. Big hugs from us! Terry & Charlie

  6. We join you in celebration of the end of radiation!! And wish you happy travels to NOLA. I do love New Orleans – she has identity all her own. There are so many good places to wander, eat, or just observe. Kane and I love driving or walking through the garden district with architecture book in hand. We thinking of you as always and hopeful that you have sunny feel good days!.
    Love, Betsy
    PS Could you use a new dose of granola?

  7. Beverly:

    I am so very sorry you and Gorman are having to go through all of this. I have been keeping up with his progress through your blog as well as updates from Anne. Please know both of you are in my thoughts and prayers while you are dealing with this most difficult time in your lives. Will continue to pray for God’s guidance to know what are the correct decisions you will face and His grace to endure. Have a wonderful trip to a wonderful city and enjoy all you can.
    Love, Renda

  8. Bob & I send Easter Greeting to you both and your family. Do hope the trip to New Orleans was great. Thanks for keeping us updated. Susan

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