No Clinical Trial But Good News

We got a call from U. of FL this morning saying that Gorman’s tumor did not contain the protein EGFRvIII so he does not qualify for this clinical trial.  This was bad news/good news.    Here’s the thing:  if a tumor contains that particular protein, it can quickly rebuild itself after chemoradiation, basically negating the effect of the treatment.  Therefore, it’s really good news that he does not qualify……..and God continues to open some doors and close others.  Charlie and Grady continue to research all the trials out there so we continue to hope.

We thought this would be Gorman’s last week of radiation; however, last Friday the radiation machine malfunctioned and he was not able to receive a treatment so that puts us over into next week and next Monday, April 2 will be his very last day of radiation.  He’s still doing pretty well; some fatigue but naps take care of that; some nausea but nothing too bad.  As expected, the right side of his head (focus of the radiation) is getting fairly red and irritated-looking, especially around the incision but I’ve been putting antibiotic ointment on that area and that is helping.  He continues to have a good appetite and his weight hasn’t dropped.

Let me make a correction to my last post.  When I referred to the folks attending Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival, I left off a zero.  Actually there were 300.000 people here that weekend!  I’m glad we were at the beach.

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  1. Always good to look at the silver lining. Love and hugs, gayla

  2. Beverly,
    I know you are “blessed Beverly” but we are blessed also by your updates. We all love Gorman too and it helps us to pray. I am glad he didn’t have the prerequisite for the U of F study. Please know that both of you are in our hearts and prayers.
    In Him,

  3. God is wonderful about those doors he opens and closes. ~~The human mind sometimes doesn’t comprehend why those doors are doing what they are doing but I have FAITH that God has a door for Gorman in HIS time. Your journey through this will strengthen your already strong faith so enjoy your travel with God’s love and Trust HIM the entire way!!!!!!!! Ya’ll remain in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Hey~ It looks like God has really already given ya’ll that wonderful gift of WISDOM!!! Getting out of town with 300,000 coming and going to the beach is extremely WISE!!!! Our Love and Many Hugs to you both~ Mel and Tommy

  4. Know you both are always on our minds and in our prayers.
    Judy and Guy

  5. Well, the Bible calls children a blessing from the Lord and certainly Charlie and Grady fit that description. How wonderful to have a loving and supportive family! “Great is Thy Faithfulness” comes to my mind several times a day. (A little prompting from the Holy Spirit is always a good thing!)

  6. Karen Chandler

    Good to hear from you! Sounds like good news to us!! We continue to pray for both of you and to thank Him for the amazing strength he
    gives you every day!!

    Take care!!
    Jimmy and Karen

  7. Love and prayers for you and yours!

  8. Ralph B. Vance, Sr., M.D.

    You guys are in our thoughts, of course, but
    more importantly in our prayers.
    Douglas and Ralph Vance

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