Another Clinical Trial Possibility

As our son, Charlie, continues to look for a clinical trial that would suit Gorman, one has turned up at University of Florida in Gainesville and it sounds very encouraging, IF he qualifies.  It is referred to as EGFRvIII and is being conducted at 200 sites worldwide.  It’s complicated: about one-third of glioblastoma tumors (that’s what Gorman has) contain this protein called EGFRvIII.  This clinical trial involves an experimental vaccine that, hopefully, activates the immune system to fight the cancer.  This trial is in Phase 3, which means it has shown promising results thus far.  As with so many of these trials, this one is a randomized, double-blind trial so two-thirds of the participants will receive the vaccine and one-third will receive a placebo.  As frustrating as it is, that appears to be pretty standard procedure for clinical trials.  So first of all, Gorman has to fall in that 30 percent of GBM tumors containing the right protein (EGFRvIII).  We should learn next week if he qualifies.  Then we have to hope that he’ll be among those receiving the vaccine.  He has made me promise that, if he doesn’t get in, I will not fall apart like I did over the UAB trial and I have dutifully promised that I won’t.  I like to think I’m stronger after that first experience; at least I hope I am.

In the meantime, today we began week five of chemoradiation.  We’re glad for the treatment but will be happy when the radiation part is over.  It is wearing him down.  This past weekend, when 30,000 tourists descended on Fairhope for the annual Arts & Crafts Fair, we left and went to the beach, where we did absolutely nothing but sleep and rest.  It was a nice little gift from God.  And now we’re back at it, kicking this cancer in the #*#*!!


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  1. Well you know there will be lots of prayers for everything to fall into place for the trial, and I do believe in the power of prayer!! Keep up the good fight. Oh, and if you end up in Gainesville – that is where my sister lives and her husband is an anesthesiologist there at North Florida Regional Hospital. They would love to welcome you to Gainesville. Gayla

  2. This sounds encouraging for sure!!!! We will continue to pray all goes Gorman’s way with this.So happy ya’ll got to escape to the beach for a nice restful stay. I will work on getting Tommy down there for a much needed R&R after tax stuff is all done!!!! We continue to keep you and Gorman in our prayers every single day!!!! In God’s Love and Peace~ MEL & Tommy

  3. You go girl! Lots of prayer coming your way. Lisa

  4. What strength! Thanks for an sharing the inspiring journey of fairh

  5. Great to get an update and especially with this encouraging news. You have a lot of prayers from a lot of people coming your way.

  6. You are so strong with faith… Lord Jesus Christ let it be your will that a clinical trial is found for Gorman.

  7. Praying that Gorman will be successfully enrolled in the clinical trials, the door in B/ham was closed, but another has opened.

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