Who Says It’s Too Warm For A Fire?

Both Thursday and Friday nights we enjoyed a fire in our fireplace.  Yes, it was 55 degrees outside but we find that fireplace so comforting; however, I do think we’ve now reached, really reached, the end of the season.

On Saturday, Gorman didn’t feel so great.  After five straight days of radiation, he’s worn out and always glad for the weekend break.   Even though we are celebrating reaching the halfway mark (three weeks), he is beginning to experience the cumulative effect of so much radiation.  Let’s just hope those cancer cells are also suffering from that cumulative effect!  Anyway, after going out for a big breakfast at R Bistro, he spent the rest of the day in a prone position watching the SEC basketball tournament (recorded).  Yesterday he was back to normal and felt great but last night he didn’t sleep well so he’s sleeping in this morning.  It’s thundering and raining so it’s the perfect morning for that.  Maybe he needs to return to taking the steroid pill everyday.  Well, we knew this wasn’t going to be easy.  It’s now 9:45 and I need to wake him up as he has his treatment at 11:30…….and we begin the fourth week.

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  1. Hey, Jimmy spent the weekend in a semi-
    prone position watching SEC basketball
    also!! Sorry to hear Gorman is not feeling
    as good as he has been!! Thinking of you
    now while you are at treatment!! Yes, and
    Praying that those cancer cells are getting
    weaker and going away!!

    Take care!

    Jimmy & Karen

  2. I saw Gorman’s name on the church prayer list for the first time y’day. I eMailed Chuck to find out what was going on and got his response this morning. Not the best way to start a drizzly Monday.

    But I’m glad you’re writing the blog. It’s such a wonderful way to keep up without having to bug you for an update. (Of course, I would be buggin’ Chuck and Kathy, so they are the ones who should be thanking you!). And I loved the picture of your three guys.

    I have a song I’d like to email you (if you or Gorman are uplifted by music–some are not). It might bring a measure of comfort (and does have a catchy beat). If you are interested, drop me a line with your email address and I’ll send it. And, of course, we will continue to stay in contact thru the blog.

    So add Graham and me to the list of those who care for you and are praying for healing and peace. And from me to you, here’s a great, big eMailed hug!

  3. Beverly, I am reading each update. Thank you for taking the time to let us all know how you both are doing. Just know that I love you and I continue to pray for you and Gorman. We all miss you at CBS.

  4. Connie and Douglas Cazort

    Dear Beverly and Gorman,
    With regards to the fire, take a page out of former President Richard Nixon’s book. He kept a fire going in the Oval Office and cranked up the air conditioning to compensate. Live large.

    I keep on gaining admiration for you both. If I were in Gorman’s shoes, I believe some loud whining would escape the air-tight confines of Chez Cazort and even spill over into this blog.

    Love and healing,
    Doug and Connie

  5. Beverly: Thank you for your updates…Bill and I think of you both so often and pray for the continued strength that you have. Treatment can be difficult but we pray you are moving toward a slow down of those nasty cancer cells. Love to both of you Sheila and Bill

  6. Patty and Clay Havard

    Beverly, we appreciate receiving the updates on Gorman’s progress. Both of you are so courageous and brave. We know that God is there with you every minute with his loving, serene, presence. We have you in our prayers and know that this difficult road you’re traveling now will lead you to healing. Yours, Clay and Patty

  7. As always, we have you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Both of you are “warriors” and we admire your determination but most of all we admire your faith! Fight the good fight!

    Christine and Bobby

  8. Sandy & Archie

    We continue to pray for the BIG miracle! Though the “medicine” for the cure is abominable, we’re praying that those damned ole cancer cells are “hitting the road!”

    We love you!!

    Sandy & Archie

  9. Aylett Conner Dickman

    Beverly and Gorman – my love and prayers are with you. I think there were a lot of folks lying on their couchs watching the SEC tournament
    last weekend! Several of my Kentucky friend/ relatives “braved” New orleans to sit on a hard bleacher and watch! Love, Aylett

  10. Visited Charlie’s site and it certainly is impressive. Hey, I’ve even heard of some of his clients! He sure looks like his dad (more than I noticed in the picture that’s in this blog). In honor of the upcoming holiday, he certainly looks like the Son o’Gorman.

    Mo and Kel have friends in the area (they were recently down there) so he’ll try to get in touch next time they are in town. Charlie’s got the job Mo wishes he had! Oh, to have graduated from CIA, instead of Millsaps.

    Hugs and more hugs

  11. Hi Guys~ Tommy and I keep ya’ll in our daily prayers and TRUST God is in control and will bring you through the fire!!! I love that ya’ll had a fire and loved the comment about cranking up the A/C to compensate!!! We got gas logs this year and have not really enjoyed them so much since the winter has been so mild. I might just crank that A/C up and turn them on!!!
    PSALM 121 was sent to me today in an email right before I read your blog. I thought of ya’ll immediately while reading it!!!! We love ya’ll and are praying everyday for those cancer cells to be zapped!!!!
    Love and hugs~ Mel and Tommy

  12. Prayers and love.

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