A Sense of Normalcy

We are halfway through the third week of treatment and hobbling along.  Gorman continues to feel good so we try to find blessings in each day – the first sip of morning coffee; our morning prayer time together; this lovely paradise in which we live that is now overflowing with blooming azaleas and the fresh green of new leaves on the trees; an evening fire right up until last week when it was just too warm for a fire.  And we especially are blessed with wonderful friends who continue to care for us and pray for us and the love we feel from our dear St. James church.  The Thursday morning healing service is another blessing.

We have found the best way to deal with this disease and all its unknowns is to follow that old AA adage, “One day at a time”.  God continues to give us strength and courage for the day but not for the year.  It’s when we try to jump out ahead and anticipate future events that we crash and then we have to pray and go back to walking this road today.  I guess it’s a discipline to be learned.  However, we are trying to be smart, meeting with lawyer, financial planner, etc. and making sure everything is in order.  A couple of weeks ago, we went through the safety deposit box at the bank and  Gorman walked me through all the files and papers in his study so I could find everything if need be.  Unfortunately my head is so frazzled these days that I’m not sure it did much good.

This morning after the healing service in our beautiful little chapel, we walked through a path of blooming azaleas and into the St. James Memorial Garden and decided we want to be cremated and have our ashes interred there.  I used to think that I would want my ashes sprinkled over Mobile Bay, which has been special to me all my life but I want to be with Gorman and St. James is a very special place for us.  Anyway, making these arrangements now will save our children a lot of trouble.  For years I’ve mentioned to Gorman various hymns that I want sung at my funeral, so many that it will be a veritable songfest.  Gorman will want a dozen versions of “Amazing Grace”.  In fact, when we visited Grace Cathedral  in San Francisco last year, he bought a CD with nothing on it but variations on that hymn.  He plays it in his car all the time.

Boy, I’ve gotten way off track here.

At this almost halfway point, Gorman’s hair is starting to fall out, just around the area of the incision and where the radiation is aimed.  It was all over his pillow this morning!  He still looks as cute as a bug’s ear.  He’s getting a short haircut today to even things out.

And we’re off to treatment………..


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  1. Such a precious testimony of grace and wisdom here! Reading this reminds me of one of my favorite phrases in the Amplified Bible, the part in brackets, of Psalm 18:33– “He makes my feet like hinds’ feet [able to stand firmly or make progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble]; He sets me securely upon my high places.” I am so grateful this most difficult time has not robbed you two of the “joy in the journey” of which Buechner speaks so eloquently…much like you. Many hugs and prayers continue to go out to you both from me!

  2. What an inspiration you both are. Hang in there and know you are never alone in this. Thinking and praying for you often. Love, Gayla

  3. Good to hear from you! What a message!
    Thought-provoking! “One day at a time”
    is a favorite expression of mine, but wish
    I could “practice what I preach”! We pray
    Gorman continues to feel good and has
    strength for “one day at a time”!

    God is so good!!

    Jimmy & Karen

    PS “Bald is sexy”!!

  4. Much love, and prayers, my friend.

  5. Hi Guys~ Aylet just sent me the blog site and I sent it on to Tommy. He has wanted news of Gorman so badly. We both keep you in our daily prayers and we know God is in control and He opens doors no man can open and closes doors no man can close. God is the BIG DADDY of Miracles so that is where I put my FAITH!!!! We love ya’ll and we will certainly be praying for Gorman to be in that 25%. I love that you are looking for blessings everyday and taking one day at a time. We will expect Miracles for sure!!!~ Much Love, Mel and Tommy
    PS~ I agree with Karen or maybe it was Jimmy…. bald is sexy!!!!{:0)

  6. Thinking of ya’ll today! Lisa

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