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Photo of Gorman and His Boys

The Past Two Weeks

Gorman and I are overwhelmed and so grateful for all the love, concern and prayers from our friends and family.  I am starting this blog to help keep you all informed about our progress and I’ll try to post an update every few days.

A quick overview of the past two weeks:  We went to the Emergency Room at Thomas Hospital on Sunday, January 22.  Gorman had not felt well off and on for quite a while and the doctor thought it all had to with his high blood pressure; however, that weekend he was having problems with his balance, listing to the left and dragging his left foot; scary.  They did a CT scan, found a mass on the right side of his brain, transferred him to Mobile Infirmary.  The next day, January 23, Dr. Edward Flott, neurosurgeon, operated and removed the tumor.  The diagnosis is glioblastoma and it is impossible to get it all so he will have radiation and chemotherapy.

Here is some good news:  Gorman feels great physically; in fact, much better than before the surgery because the headaches and nausea are gone.   He has no pain at the sight of the surgery, just a huge incision that’s healing nicely.