Second Week of Treatment

So we’re into our second week of treatment and Gorman continues to feel good.  He has noticed a little fatigue in the late afternoon but nothing really debilitating.

Those of you who really know Gorman know that he has for many years walked an hour an day, seven days a week.  In fact, several folks around Fairhope have mentioned they have missed seeing him on his daily walk.  He’s now back to walking 15-30 minutes every day, depending on his energy level.

Our dear friends continue to bring flowers, send notes and cards and bring delicious food.  We are blessed with friends who are very good cooks.  Gorman says he is going to defy medical science and be the first man to ever gain weight while undergoing chemoradiation.   Needless to say, his wife is right in there with him!

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  1. Attitude is a gift from God

  2. Just to remind you that you are in my prayers.

  3. Gorman continue to keep your head up. If Michelle and I can do anything for you, please call me (251-550-2077)

  4. Glad to hear Gorman is out exercising, it’s not only good for the body but for the soul too. I’m trying to keep as active as Gorman seems to be. Think about you guys often and pray that the treatment procedure will do what it is supposed to do. Can’t quite picture Gorman with the “bald” look, maybe that doesn’t happen not sure if that is part of the side affects. Anyway he can take on the Bruce Willis look if need be.

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