First Week of Treatment Completed

This is a little milestone for us, the first week of chemoradiation is finished!  We drank a toast to that last night.  Praise God, Gorman continues to feel good with no side effects.  The hair shaved from the right side of his head at surgery has mostly grown back and he hasn’t started losing his hair, although we know he will but the funny thing is that he doesn’t have to shave as often these days…odd, huh?

People often ask me specifically what they can pray for.  Of course, we pray for healing and God’s peace and strength but, beyond that, try not to get too specific but leave it in God’s hands.  However, what the oncologist told us at our first appointment seems etched on my mind:  if Gorman completes six weeks of chemo (Temodar) with radiation followed by six months of monthly doses of Temodar, he has a 25% chance of being alive and disease-free after two years.  Please pray that Gorman falls within that 25%.

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  1. Thank you for the update! Way to go Gorman! One week down and no bad side effects! What a blessing! We are happy to know to pray specifically that you are in the 25% and that will surely be our prayer. The Ivy Bible Class, our Sunday School Class is praying for you also. Kevin Stafford is in our church too. Now go for that second week! God bless!

  2. I have Learned that God knows best.I hope he pays more attention to my prayer hopes for others than to my self – centered ramblings.
    When in doubt The LordsPrayer.

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