An Addendum To That Last Post

To end today’s postings on a more positive note, when we first met with Dr. Sawrie, our radiation oncologist, he acknowledged the scariness of our situation but said that he has patients with Gorman’s diagnosis who were three and four years out and defying the odds so we’re planning on Gorman being Dr. Sawrie’s “star patient” three years from now!

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  1. Even better!! Love y’all!!!

  2. Now, there’s my prayer request! Amen! Many hugs to you both ❤

  3. Good to hear encouraging news! A week
    behind you AND no side effects!! We pray
    this continues!! Thanks for keeping us

    Take care!!

    Jimmy & Karen

  4. Dear Gorman: I pray everyday that things work out well and for you to get your health back. Think positive as always and you will overcome this. God has given you and your family a challenge to test your faith in him. God loves you.

  5. Fantastic that the side effects are minimal. I like your Dr. Sawrie.



  6. PRAISE GOD!!!

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