So Far, So Good

Today was Gorman’s third day of chemoradiation and he’s feeling fine.  This “state-of-the-art” radiation machine has reduced the treatment time to just 15 minutes and he says it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as a MRI.  So far, no nausea from the Timadar.  In fact, he omitted the Phenergan pill (anti-nausea) last night and still felt just fine.  Of course, he may need it as time goes on but for now it doesn’t seem necessary.

We have not been to a Sunday morning church service since Gorman’s surgery.  We’re not sure we could sit still that long nor focus but our church, St. James Episcopal, has a healing service every Thursday morning and we’ve attended that each week.  It has been such a blessing.  After communion, our priest places his hands on our heads, praying for healing, and anoints our forehead with oil.   For hours afterwards, we can get a whiff of the scent of cloves, reminding us of that healing prayer and it’s so comforting.



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  1. Praise God, what wonderful news that Gorman is feeling good! May you both always be able to catch a whiff of His comforting, healing presence.

    • We are so glad that Beverly Smith sent us this link and has kept us “in the loop” We have shared this with many more of your friends.
      Tony and I continue to pray for healing hands and are so thankful that you have caring, competent doctors and staff in your corner!
      We love you both!
      Tina and Tony

  2. So glad that things are going well with Gorman’s treatment. He may not get any nausea at all. Praise the Lord for our wonderful caregivers in the area!
    And oh, I love your church!!! Such a sweet place with that very special Father Mark and that precious wife of his, Beth! Another wonderful Blessing…
    You guys are loved and there are many, many prayers being sent above for you both.
    Tom & Donna Henderson

  3. It’s so good to keep up with your progress through this blog. Thank you for including us among your many friends! That is good news for sure and we hope it just gets better and better. We love you and keep you closely in our hearts and prayers.
    In Him,

  4. We continue to pray for you and for “peace beyond understanding”. We are glad to hear that the treatments have started and Gorman is tolerating them well. Thank God!

    Christine and Bobby

  5. What a testimony to God and for your great faith. And that is what its all about, glorifying God even through the bad. Keep your Faith. sounds like a wonderful church looking after you.

    Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. James 5/14

    Love, Janette Singletary

  6. Gorman, I’m so glad to hear that your treatments are going well and that you and Beverly are attending the healing services at your precious church. My sister had an emergency craniotomy several years ago, during our Katrina evacuation in Florida(for what turned out to be an angioma). During her recovery she too found great comfort in the healing services. We miss you and look forward to your next visit – we always enjoy the wisdom, leadership and humor you bring with you. We are just getting the Gulfport Brownfield Project kicked off, finally! Love and prayers from the Gulfport office!

    Alane Young

  7. The cloves reminds me of the prayers “which are a pleasing aroma to the Lord”. I continue to pray that there are minimal side effects and great healing. His mercies are new every morning. Elaine

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