Treatment Begins

Gorman’s radiation begins on Monday.  Yesterday we went to Dr. Sawrie’s clinic, Gulf Coast Cancer Center, where we had a trial run with the big machine and Monday we will begin radiation five days a week for six weeks.  We had a small hiccup with the chemo pill, Timadar, because it was to be mailed to us and would not arrive until next Wednesday.  The oncologist, Dr. Meshad, wanted Gorman to start taking it Sunday night so at his Mobile office he was able to gather up enough pills to last for a few days and sent them over to the Eastern Shore by courier.  We also picked a prescription for Phenergan for nausea.   Every night before bedtime, Gorman will take a Timadar, along with the Phenergan.    We are a little anxious about treatment but mostly glad to being making a start.  As Gorman says, “I’m ready to kick this stuff in the a**!”  Fortunately the radiation is done here on the Eastern Shore so we have only a 20 minute drive each day.

We are both trying hard not to jump out into the future and wrestle with all the “what ifs”.  We pray together and try to just live each day but some days are better than others.  God continues to give us strength to deal with this and, thanks to Tylonol PM, we sleep pretty well.

Thanks to all our friends for keeping us in your prayers.  We feel those prayers and that helps so much.

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  1. God is blessing you both with strength and courage…..we pray for peace and patience as you battle this together. The volume of prayers that the good Lord is hearing will help Gorman while he’s kicking!!!!
    Love you!
    Sandy and Archie

  2. Amen, let the kicking begin! This is hokey, but I just see Jesus kicking a field goal in Gorman’s stadium, but the ball doesn’t go between the field goals; it goes out of the park…never to be seen again. Yeah, I like that vision and I’m gonna hold on to it.

    And here’s one more hug,

  3. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Precious Blood of Jesus please be with Gorman as he begins his treatments tomorrow. Many Blessing to you and your family!

    JackLily Garnder

  4. Many prayers headed your way for tomorrow. Kick some a..

    Love you,


  5. Gorman & Beverly, You are in our prayers tomorrow and all during treatment. We pray for complete healing and great quality of life. I know that you feel the power of the many prayers!


    Tom & Donna Henderson

  6. Praying tonight that God will give you peace and comfort and rest. I know that you are both anxious about the events tomorrow holds. Just remember – God is already there! Love and hugs…

  7. Good luck Gorman! I am praying daily for you and your family! And if anyone can kick this in the a$$, you can!!!

  8. We are glad to learn you now have a plan and have started treatment! Love the attitude!! Phenergan should do the trick for nausea and sleep!! We continue to pray for you both!!

    Take Care!!

    Jimmy & Karen

  9. Stopping by to say you are on my heart today.

  10. Mr Schaffer, you offered support and prayer when our little girl Lilly was born, the 3-weeks she was here, and after she had left. I was touched by your words, and comforted from the prayers. Thank you for that, and please know that my wife and I are praying for you all. We know first hand the battles you will face. Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I can assure you that a comfort will drape over you all if you trust his work and his plan for you. God Bless you and hold you. May he turn his face towards you that you may feel him close. That comfort will carry you always.

    In our prayers and thoughts often,

    Joel, Laura, Hayley, & Lilly Ann Davis

  11. Just rereading the post and wanted to tell you that you both are in the deepest pocket of our hearts with love and prayer!!!! Always love and In God’s Peace!!!!~ Mel and Tommy

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