A “Normal” Week

Gorman continues to feel fine physically and we celebrate that.  After weeks of precious friends bringing us delicious dinners, treats, etc. we will try to manage on our own this week before his treatments begins.  He’s even back in the kitchen a little!  He cooked salmon last night and it was fun to see him in there wearing his Emeril “Bam” apron.

We do everything together now.  When I run errands, Gorman goes with me.  One day, after visiting Walgreens, the cleaners, the meat market and grocery store, I turned to him and said, “Welcome to my life!”  That is a quote from our three-year-old grandson, who got it from a cartoon.  We treasure every minute together.

When I talked to Dr. Nabors (neuro-oncologist at UAB) last weekend, he talked about the possibility (not probability) of our participating in a clinical  study after Gorman’s radiation and chemo.  It is called PI3 Kinase inhibitor and is done during the maintenance phase of treatment; however, there has to be a slot available at that time so that’s iffy.  In the meantime, our sons Charlie and Grady, are researching clinical trials everywhere.

On Friday we will learn when radiation and chemo will start but it appears it will be next week.  He will have radiation five days a week for six weeks, along with chemo in the form of a pill, Timedar.  We are told the side effects are not as severe as with standard chemo so that’s a blessing.

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  1. You sound so good!!! Keep it up! I know it is hard but you and
    Gorman are made of “good stuff”! Enjoy every minute and I am praying for many years of those minutes for you!

    Love ya,

  2. Looks like another door may be opening. God is answering the many prayers of your MANY friends, isn’t He? You are in our hearts and prayers each day and we love “Keeping Up with Gorman”! What a great website! God bless you both!
    1 John 4:11-13.

  3. Thank you for posting the Gorman updates. Bill and I prayer every night for God to heal Gorman and give both Gorman and Beverly strength and courage . Love always, Connie Johnston

  4. What a blessing, you sound wonderful. As I read your memo, I can feel your strength . The Lord works in mysterious ways and I know that he will be with Gorman all the way. Been thinking about you guys and praying for you. Many blesdsing to you and your hubby.

  5. Good to get caught up on you two as we have been out of pocket. Hope it is a good week and that treatments are going well. Always praying for God’s arms to hold you and your loved ones close as you move through these days. Gayla and John

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