Well, this weekend the ox has been in the ditch.  Gorman has dealt with the UAB news much better than I have.  I know God is in control and that he closes all the wrong doors and opens the right ones but that hasn’t helped me.  I tell myself that there is probably a better clinical trial out there for Gorman and that’s why he didn’t get in this one.  I know everyone is praying and I’m counting on that.

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  1. Ellen and Bob Gentle

    We are praying for wisdom and the conversation with Dr. Nabors tomorrow. Still encouraged abot Gorman’s healing and the right direction to proceed. We love and miss you so much.
    Ellen and Bob

  2. Praying! God bless!

  3. Just received all the news of the last few days. Oh, the unknowing, patience, strength and faith you guys are examples of. Prayers are without ceasing for you two. Yes, we know He is always walking with us,( but sometimes I forget He has already walked before me and has prepared the way). We believe the answer is just before you. Stay strong and Know we all are praying for the way to be made clear.

    We love you and send hugs to you both. Kathie and Chuck

  4. Keeping you close in prayer…

    “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV)

  5. I envy Gorman’s acceptance that had brought me much PEACE. GRATITUDE for the length of my life and Loving relationships is good medication for my soul

  6. The first thing that came to mind for me was the reminder that 1/3 of participants would receive placebo & be prevented from proceeding with accepted chemo & radiation treatment until the trial was over. If Gorman had fallen into this group he’d have lost valuable time…God has the two of you in his hand…
    Love you

  7. Beverly,
    There are so many things that come to mind when I think about what you and Gorman are going through. Know that it is perfectly alright to have moments of doubts and anxiety…it makes us take the time to think through all the facts and possibilities that we have been told and as I’m sure you have found, you come away consistently knowing that God is with you now and will be throughout all of this. Don’t ever forget to make each day special in some way and focus on those wonderful gifts God brings during times like this. My prayers are with you daily and I am confident that the doors are going to open as you go forward. May you continue to feel the presence of God and his guidance throughout these next days.
    Love and peace to you both.

  8. You are in my prayers daily. Thanks for the updates.

  9. Beverly and Gorman, at times I feel I am holding you so close in my heart and prayers that you must feel smothered but we know that is not the way our God works. There can never be too many prayers so on this rainy afternoon I am praying for strength, patience, and above all for healing. I believe God is still in the business of miracles and that is my petition. How I love you. Bill joins me in sending love and prayers.

  10. Patty and Clay Havard

    Beverly, let not your heart be troubled, and as Sheila reminded you, there was a possibility that Gorman would receive the placebo. This clinical trial was not in God’s plan for Gorman’s direction at this time. We know that God is watching over both of you and will lead you to his plan. Everyone who knows you has both of you in our prayers and hearts. May God’s blessing be upon you. Clay & Patty

  11. You are the most special couple we know! Your deep and abiding love for each other and your strong faith in our God has brought you through tests and trials before. You always remain strong and weathering life’s storms has made you even stronger. I know this, too, will pass and days ahead will become brighter. So many friends and family members are praying for you and each one of us feels your pain. You are in the palm of God’s hands and He’s always close at hand. Let Him help you with this heavy load and comfort you when you’re feeling drained. We love you and pray that your faith remains steadfast. Barbara and Bill

  12. The door may have closed, but I know there is a window! We love you and continue to pray!!!!!

    Sandy & Archie

  13. Hold fast, we only see dimly with human eyes. I pray that you will fel His very real presence today.

  14. Jann (and George) Puckett

    Gorman and Beverly – only figured out the BLOG – and found all the recent comments this afternoon – We are praying that you feel peace, Beverly, with the update this week – that you both may find that you can sleep and rest with the knowledge of God’s presence and the love of so many.
    Jann and George

  15. Beverly and Gorman – just spent a wonderful evening with Gloria and Jim celebrating his birthday. Now have your blog to stay in touch with progress. We pray for the next door to open and for the strength your faith will continue to give you as you take this journey. Love Sheila and Bill

  16. Eduardo A. Calderon

    Sending you warm regards and hopes that you will get well soon. You are in my thoughts and my prayers.

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