No UAB Clinical Trial

Well, we received word from UAB yesterday that Gorman does not qualify for the ICT-107 clinical trial because of that business about needing to be HLA positive.  Forty percent of the population is not and now we know that includes Gorman.

I plan to call Dr. Nabors (UAB research oncologist) to see if he has any other ideas but we will go forward with the radiation and chemo.

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  1. Hi Beverly and Gorman,
    I pray that they will have some sought of clinical trial to place you in to assist with your battle. I know you have had many inquiries about your daily progress and I am so happy that you guys started a blog so we can read first hand and stop asking. Gorman, you have been a true inspiration to my career. I pray that God will give you the healings that you deserve. God bless you and your family! Monica

  2. Thanks for the updates, Beverly, I know this is a good way to reach many and not repeat yourself so often. You have been greatly on my heart these few days, waiting to find out the next step. Now we know, we can pray every time you go for treatment. Please tell us when. Much love,

  3. Loving you both and praying for you both! Claiming a miracle for you both!
    In Him,

  4. Maybe consider the “non-qualify” on the ICT-107 an answer to prayer? Sounded like you guys were already wrestling with whether it was worth the strain and uncertainty it would cost to go through with the treatment. The Lord has made that decision a simple one.

    Minute by minute, sweet brother and sister. Minute by minute. If you can, get a copy of Jeff Manion’s book “The Land Between,” I believe it will give you strength and joy in the circumstances. We love you and are praying. You are increasing the faith of so many as we watch your perseverance in faith. You are a tremendous inspiration!

    Expecting miracles….love, Robin

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